Evercreech Sports Club

Weston Town, Evercreech, BA4 6PE

Registered Charity no. 1112470

Reg. Office:  Oakhill BA3 5HU

Company No:   5608846

Chair:                 Dave Briars        01749 830902

Hon Sec:            Jon Cox             01749 830949

Treasurer:           Paul Sealey        07719 937359

Bookings Sec:    Shaun Herlock    01749 831026

HAVE YOU visited the area lately?  It’s a community area and all are welcome.  The area is already being used by sports clubs, charity functions and other organisations.

Clubs:  Football, Ladies Football, Rounders, Rugby 

Come down and join or watch!

Finances are always tight. We would like to fence off the sports playing area to prevent vehicle access and possibly allow more access to the area for dog owners.    It would possibly also allow us to leave the parking area unlocked for visitors. This is expensive!

We are pleased that the “Dog problem” has decreased. ...Thanks to all !!!  There is an opportunity to walk the dogs around the footpath which goes around the outside of the sports area

Please note the annual Bonfire, Fireworks, BBQ and Bar will this year take place on Saturday 4th November

We are always looking for new members with bright ideas to help run the club.

If there is any other activity/function organiser that would like to check the facilities, please contact the persons above.


The fields and pavilion are available for hire.   Ideal for all occasions!

Remember, Bookings through Shaun Herlock

To see the History of the Weston Town Site click here

Dave Briars, Chair

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