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Childhood is a very special time and we are fully committed to encouraging all children to love learning and aspire to excellence and enjoyment. Evercreech Church of England Primary School is committed to nurturing the whole child, by developing the skills, knowledge and attitudes. We believe this is achieved through providing a range of opportunities in a secure, stimulating and purposeful environment where children find learning enjoyable. We aim to support the children to … 

Believe ~ Learn ~ Grow 

This sums up everything we believe in
and guides everything we do.

We have carefully considered the values which are at the heart of our work, underpinning the way we do things as individuals and as a school, and our commitment to children and families.  We believe in …

  • developing a sense of hope for the future
  • creating trust at the heart of all relationships
  • showing respect, politeness and consideration
  • developing kindness and thinking of others
  • encouraging responsibility and being reliable
  • having the ability to make moral decisions
  • developing positive relationships ~ the partnership between home, school and the wider community
  • enabling active members of a constantly changing society

Learning Environment:  At Evercreech Church of England Primary School we are committed to providing an exciting, stimulating and flexible curriculum to support, challenge and motivate our children to raise their aspirations and enable every child to succeed.

We cannot predict the future and what challenges will face the learners that pass through our school, but as a result of the consultation process, we in the community of Evercreech Church of England Primary School believe that there are four key learning skills which all children should possess.

Motivation ~ Communication ~ Confidence ~ Independence

With these learning skills giving meaning to all that we do, we know that the standards our children achieve will continue to improve and will ultimately result in a better quality of life.

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