Evercreech Relief in Need

Charity Commission Registered Number: 205527

The Evercreech Relief in Need Charity was formed in 1976 by the amalgamation of seven village charities that had been in existence since the early 1700s. The original charities were founded when local people gave land or property to St Peter’s Church to provide money to help village people at times of hardship. By the early 1970s none of these ancient charities were large enough, on their own, to cover their administrative and investment costs.

In 1976, with the help of the Charities Commission, the separate funds were combined under their new title Evercreech Relief in Need. The money was deposited with the Charities Aid Foundation Bank (CAF Bank) and Charinco Charity Investment Shares and this now produces our only income which currently amounts to about £120 per year.

From this income and our accumulated investments, we are able to make modest cash grants to help Evercreech people. In the past, we have helped with exceptional costs of transport to hospital, and we have been able to help with the cost of medical equipment not provided by the NHS. Money can also be made available for help with a family crisis and for one-off educational costs.

If you know anyone who might need this help please pass this information to them. All requests are considered in confidence by the Trustees listed below.

All applications are considered in the strictest confidence by the trustees.

The current Trustees are:

The Vicar and
Church Wardens of 

 St Peter's Evercreech

Parish Council Nominees:   Roy Williams,
  Edward Porter,
  Mollie Purse, 

David Lindsay

Michèle Hole is Clerk to the Trustees.

Applications for assistance should be sent by letter or email please to

The Chairman:  Dr. David Lindsay, Southwell House, Shapway Lane, Evercreech BA4 6JS dlandgl@btinternet.com 

or to

The Clerk:  Michèle Hole, Bowns View, Weymouth Road,  Evercreech BA4 6JB holemiche@aol.com

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